Our Story

Gone are the days of old traditions and endless budgets dictating a bride and groom’s special day. Our mission is to help brides create a memorable day that will not only knock their guest’s socks off but will also clearly express the personalities of the stars of the show, the bride and groom! And the best news is we specialize in small budget weddings! Whether you want to stay under $5,000.00 or $500.00 we know all the tricks of the trade to meet your expectations for the most amazing event your hard earned money can buy!

So why hire us? Why not DIY your big day to save even more money? Well as a former DIY bride myself I can say that there is just no way to prepare for the amount of stress you will face. DIY brides may be praised for the lovely event they created but all that effort means less time to do what truly matters, spend quality time and precious moments enjoying the days leading to the big event with your sweetheart.  So, let us do all the heavy lifting while you take on a few of the less stressful tasks or let us do it all! No matter what your desired level of DIY input may be we can work with you!


2 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. It is so much more fun to be involved in your own event,but EVEN MORE FUN to let someone else handle the details you do not have time for….it is stll your idea,just crried our by woeker bees…..awesome concept..it’s about time!!hhhahaha,that’s funny,,it is about time,,,yours,
    and that someone finally is doing this!!

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