Two Beautiful Baby Showers

2CarvedHearts recently had the honor of experiencing 2 lovely little baby showers, one of which we were responsible for! The other baby shower was a great experience since we got to sit back relax and do nothing but have fun and photograph!

This first one took place in Albuquerque’s South Valley on the Londene Farm.

Samantha's Baby Shower

Samantha’s Baby Shower













And here is Rachel’s. You probably remember this cute couple from our last post back in November when we were creating their romantic fall wedding at the Hotel Andaluz!

The theme for their shower was Peter Rabbit. Our focus was on the food and creating a table worthy of Mr. McGregor’s delectable vegetable garden. We also provided lemonade and an assortment of tea displayed with Samantha’s lovely little Peter Rabbit keepsake tea set. We chose games that were not overly time consuming or obvious which could go on throughout the event and even threw in a game for the guys who were invited to attend at the last minute. And the very best part was that the whole thing was a surprise!

Rachel's Baby Shower

Rachel’s Baby Shower















Both events were so much fun to participate in and Rachel’s was a pleasure to plan!

Next up is my baby shower! Stay tuned 😉


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