Put it all together and what do you get?

Bridal Bouquet

And now for the magic that was Michael and Rachel’s stunning small budget event… You’ll have to wait until the end of this post for the revelation of the grand total 😉 So far I have posted our decorating strategy and the making of the cupcakes so I’ll start this post out with arrival at the venue. Arriving at 1pm with all the decor, cupcakes, dresses and luggage in tow, of course, the hotel room was not yet available! However, the staff of Hotel Andaluz were exceptionally accommodating, finding a safe spot for all our baggage and allowing us to remain in valet for a lengthy period of time. I met with both the lovely catering manager, Nancy and the event coordinator Genie and was effectively “squared away” in no time! I started in the Library where the ceremony would took place. Remember those craft store finds?

At the last minute we decided that programs were necessary. The bride and groom chose to use the convenience of the internet to replace the expense of paper invitation but with some last minute changes to the schedule we realized that a program of events could save the guests possible confusion. We simply placed these programs, which I generated using Microsoft Word and stealing an adorable photo of the couple off their Facebook page, on a small table near the entrance of the library next to the ribbon wands.

Ribbon Wands and Programs

Rachel’s Bouquet was created using an assortment of fall flowers she selected from the local grocery store. After carefully arranging them and adding a row of red roses in front, we bound them together with floral tape, trimmed the stems, and used a orange glittered tulle and some ribbon to wrap the stems.

Ceremony Decor

I can’t take credit for the deer but the rest was all 2 Carved Hearts…

I combined the faux florals from the craft store and the fresh flowers on the alter for a festive fall hearth. Then I used one of my two oversized shimmering pumpkins along with more fresh flowers in a staggered arrangement complimented by soft opaque tea lights for a complete ceremony backdrop suitable to the fall theme.

Moving on to the ceremony…


Well it really helped that we had these beautiful casbahs as our canvas. The fall colors were there! I knew it was just a matter of enhancing the room with soft twinkling lights and focusing attention to a dramatic, glamorous play on our fall theme in order to make it appropriate for our formal event.
Little touches throughout the room dressed up the room and carried our theme to every corner…

Little touches

Arranging can be overrated and so can sticking with certain perceived colors to keep with a theme. I set these roses down staggering red over pink to embellish a beautiful glass platter in the room. Though red and pink are not necessarily fall colors, it really worked in this room.

The Sine’s officiant relaxes in the casbahs while the rest of the group mingle in the lobby.

I fully expected to be sitting here now blogging about all the inevitable mishaps we faced during our first wedding event. Fortunately everything went incredibly smooth! The only mistake I made was forgetting to torch the groom’s cupcakes! As mistakes go, this ended up being the perfect one to make. It gave my husband the chance to save the day by running p to the room filling my brand new brulee torch with butane and arriving like the knight in shinning armor I’ve always known him to be to make a display of torching Mike’s cupcakes!

Torching the groom’s cupcakes

Yeah it looked cool (super cool) and planned (dinner and a show anyone?) but what’s more? It smelled AMAZING! The added sensory element of toasted marshmallows… nothing could be more fall!

But enough about decorating. Here is the real proof of the success of the evening…

Myself and the parents of the bride and groom

Rachel and Mike in the Casbahs

Two lovely ladies, Rachel and her daughter, Jade.

The faces of 2 Carved Hearts

If you can believe it, venue, appetizers, champagne, cupcakes, decor, flowers, hair and makeup, plus accommodations for the bride and groom came in at less the $900! I know, we’re magicians 😉

All the photography for 2 Carved Hearts was done by my very talented mother , Marilia Garcia, who I was fortunate enough to have in town for this event. You can visit her at http://www.pixlexia.com for pricing and more information.


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