Oh how I love cupcakes! It’s almost hard to imagine that they were once reserved for kiddy parties! We now see cupcakes everywhere including the most formal weddings and events. But make no mistake while you could easily run to the corner store and transform any Betty Crocker cake mix into your own cupcake master piece the elegance of the cupcake comes with the precision of making them from scratch, frosting and all! Once you get it right you’ll never want the box stuff again.

Now, I’ll be honest the cake batter is… well a piece of cake, for the most part that is, you do still have to worry about keeping it moist and not too dense. But the real battle is the frosting! Sure you could always go with your basic buttercream frosting, it’s easy reliable and has the right consistency for pipping but what you’re missing is flavor… unless you have a sweet tooth on steroids this stuff is equivalent to stuffing a hand full of pure sugar in your mouth and trying to swallow. I like to substitute cream cheese for some of the sugar but the consistency is just not fluffy enough for pipping. Really the only way to go is by adding a meringue base. This eliminates the need for, what seems like, buckets full of powdered sugar by adding the light fluff from whipped egg whites. The draw back is this type of frosting really needs to be made the day of and should not be refrigerated for long periods of time. So here I am at 7am developing my two frosting masterpieces!

Making Frosting Magic

Can you guess that it’s my beloved Kitchenaid mixer I wanted to show off in these pictures and not my morning hair style?

Swiss Meringue Buttercream in the pipping bag

It’s a dirty job but I totally love doing it 😉

For the Sine’s wedding I created two types of cupcakes. For the bride, a pumpkin cupcake made with pure pumpkin puree, brown sugar and the fragrant spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and all spice! For the icing I went with a swiss meringue butter cream flavored with pure vanilla extract. I don’t usually enjoy the taste of buttercream icing, however, the addition of the meringue and the omission of all that powdered sugar made this icing creamy, fluffy… well basically heaven in a pipping bag! I used my star point for piping and was able to achieve a rose pattern for my pumpkin cupcake bouquet. Annnnnnd here she is!

Pumpkin cupcakes with swiss meringue buttercream frosting

See what I mean about the perfect pipping consistency ?

Pumpkin Cupcake Bouquet

For the groom, I channeled his love of the outdoors and went with s’more cupcakes! These rich and delicious treats start off with a graham cracker crust, a luscious layer of bittersweet chocolate morsels, moist chocolate cake, then finished off with a fluffy white cloud of marshmallow meringue frosting.

Marshmallow Meringue Frosting

Ta da!

Groom’s S’more Cupcakes

So, what’s a s’more cupcake without the toasted marshmallow, you say?…. Stay tuned 😉


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