Creating the Sine’s Wedding

The greatest treat a wedding planner can receive is permission from their bride and groom to have full reign for the styling of their wedding! Not only does it let us go crazy getting our creative juices flowing but it really helps us with the budget factor as well. The Sine wedding is a perfect example of how a very generally laid out theme (in their case, fall) can help relieve some of the financial burden that must-have decor can bring. The approach we took with this event was to purchase very few craft items that only served to re-enhance the theme but mainly using fresh produce and flowers from – prepare to be amazed- the local grocery store! Here’s what we used 🙂

Flowers from Smith’s

Craft Store Basket

Here we used an inexpensive craft store basket and some floral foam to create the base for our cupcake bouquet.

Craft store floral enhancements

Just a few faux high quality floral enhancements really popped our fall color theme!

Craft store ribbon

We found four stunning rolls of fall colored ribbons that we used for our congratulatory wands. I really favor this method to the sometimes very messy alternative of throwing confetti.

Shimmering Pumpkins

Finally these beauties were created using a $2.50 can of glitter spray paint to add a lovely shimmer to real pumpkins purchased from the grocery store! Did you notice the cupcakes? We’ll get to that later 😉


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