Fun At The Parade!

Our table at the Carnuel Parade and Fiesta

Today we got to meet so many new people and we had so much fun! Here are few pictures of some of the handmade items we created for the event 🙂 If you would like to purchase them we now have an Etsy page!

Monster trick or treat bags

We love these fun monster bags! Perfect for trick or treaters but honestly I think I know some kiddos that wouldn’t mind carrying them around for any use!

Halloween spider, ghost and pumpkin lights

We were so happy with how these turned out! Perfect for decorating any space since they are battery operated and do not need to be plugged in. They have such a lovely shimmer through the tulle 🙂

Parade Wands

These were a big hit! A great idea for any party or festivity and for the bride and groom’s exit rather then the mess that comes along with throwing confetti.

We can’t wait for our next event!


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